Show Marketing

  • We begin selling tickets to the show well in advance of the opening date.
  • We begin the pre-sale campaigns with paid, targeted social media ads.
Online Ticket Brokers:
  • We work closely with online ticket brokers secure the best deals for paid advertising to ensure proper promotion of the show.
  • We create partnerships with domestic and international ticket sellers and re-sellers.
  • We will create and post advertisements for the show in various targeted entertainment magazines that have shown to provide a tangible ROI for seat ticket sales.
  • We will negotiate and ensure optimal ticket pricing for the show for all participating vendors.
Social Media:
  • We will handle all organic social media engagement. This includes creating social influencers as well as using our SMP network
  • We will utilize paid social media ads to maximize ticket sales.
Content Marketing:
  • We will have our team attend shows to secure content for social media and PR.
  • The team will take back stage interviews, interviews after the show, secure feedback for review sites and take pictures and video of the audience and performers during the show.
Public Relations:
  • We will have our PR team draft and distribute press releases for the show.
  • Press distribution will go to over 1000 print, TV, radio and online reporters via phone, email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Interview prep for earned media.
  • Post-interview critique.
Casino Relations:
  • We negotiate with the casinos for key folio advertising, artwork placement, marquee and video advertising and any other opportunities for marketing and advertising of the show.
E-mail Distribution:
  • E-mails used for newsletters and loyalty/rewards programs.
Groupon and Living Social:
  • We work closely with online coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social to secure potential long-term fans to attend the show initially.
Destination Management Companies (DMCs):
  • Negotiations with DMCs to send convention groups to the show
Rebate Program:
  • We will organize and implement a rebate program for the show’s patrons.
Digital Advertising:
  • Targeted advertising for digital billboards, marquees, signs and other real estate.
Combo Packages:
  • We will work with shows and other Las Vegas attractions to create combo packages.
Brand Ambassadors:
  • Our professional ambassadors are promo models and salespeople that have tablets and iPads to promote shows.
  • We will stay up-to-date by capturing positive online reviews for the show on Yelp, GooglePlus and TripAdvisor.
  • We work with companies like Uber and Lyft to seek out marketing opportunities with their apps and offers.
  • We network with concierge organizations in order for them to promote the show.
  • Weekly conventions will be informed of the shows.
Show Marketing Pro, LLC

4455 W. Sunset Road, Suite 201

Las Vegas Nevada 89118