About Us

Show Marketing Pro (SMP) is a Las Vegas show production, talent management, show marketing and event planning firm founded in August 2012. SMP sells out shows, produces amazing live entertainment, teaches comedy,  and manages the top talent in Las Vegas.


To make entertainment accessible, economical and an outstanding experience for both audiences and entertainers



Company Goals

To develop the online tools to automate the promotion of live sold out shows

To produce quality comedy shows on a weekly basis

To make SMP self-sustaining and profitable



Changing Lives One Laugh at a Time


Show Marketing Pro provides the following services:


On the Tickets tab, you will find access to discount tickets to all the shows in Las Vegas. We also have exclusive marketing rights to provide complimentary tickets to several shows in Las Vegas. These free show tickets change every quarter. We have free and discounted access to attractions and restaurants as well. Please don’t book anything for your trip until you review all the offers on our site.

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How do you compete against over 100 shows on the Strip and another 100 shows off the Strip that are selling tickets to their shows on a daily basis? How do you fill up your showroom each and every day? We all know there are over 40 million tourists per year and close to 2 million locals in Las Vegas and Henderson, but how do we get them to come to ours shows? The average show only fills their room to 30% capacity. How do we get that percentage higher? And how can you do it affordably? Let us show you how.

If you are a new show, we provide you a turnkey solution that will fill your seats on a daily basis by the end of the third month of your show.

If you are a currently running show, we provide you the tools to fill those gaps and make those minor tweaks that will make all the difference in ticket sales.

Here is a hint on how we do things:

  • Website and Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Yelp and Trip Advisor Optimization
  • Online and Traditional Ticket Brokers
  • Event Calendars
  • Traditional and Online Marketing

Stop the bleeding with your show! Contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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Are you new to Vegas? Do you need to get your marketing materials in order? Do you need more bookings or do you need a manager? Do you need career consultation on how to get it to the next level? Do you need a new video or headshots?

Reach out to us. Let us focus on the business side of your career, so you can focus on the art. Let us help you with introductions and marketing while you do what you love.

Contact us to talk to one of our artist managers.

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Calling all meeting planners – do you need talent for your corporate event? A speaker, comedian, singer or band? Do you want to book a Las Vegas headliner for your convention or your corporate event? Do you need more staff for your event? Do you need to purchase more furniture for your show exhibits? Do you need video or photography to be taken at the convention or the corporate event? Let us handle all of that for you. We are on the ground here in Las Vegas and can provide you the services you need to produce an outstanding event for all the attendees.



Are you planning a wedding? Are you planning a grand birthday party or anniversary? Do you need talent, video, photography, service staff and consultation for your event? No need to reach out to five or six different vendors. We plan and orchestrate events with our in-house private events team. We are with you from the start to the finish of the event. We provide you vendors or we can recommend vendors for you. We create your event calendar and coordinate with all the parties involved. We are there for you with a staff during the event and before the event. We have a team to help clean up after your big day and we will make sure our video and photography production team has captured all the memories for you for a lifetime. Do not waste any time with companies that will not pay attention to the details of the event. We are the ones who will be there for you throughout the entire process so all will feel and will be seamless.